“Barbecues should be about one thing — good shared meat.” – Ron Swanson

Fact: A grill makes any party even better. Also true: We know a thing or two about good parties.

Nothing beats the smell of grilled meats. If you fire up the chargrill and throw on a few steaks or burgers, neighbors and friends magically appear. Barbecues bring people together.

You know what? This trick works at the office too.

When you’re planning your next company picnic, employee appreciation day or special event, why not bring your team together around the grill?  Our portable chargrill fires up big smiles wherever it goes. And the Fresh at Work crew loves serving up pipping hot, fresh and delicious food.

Burgers? Yep. Steaks? Please. Hot dogs? Hot diggity. Grilled chicken? Yum. Veggie burgers? Sure thing.

We know.  It’s the middle of winter right now, but admit it, after reading this, you’re already excited about summer. Good news: there’s only 81 days until opening day. Better news: We’re taking reservations for corporate barbecues already.

Call the grill masters at Sterling Catering at (248) 552-1078 and reserve the Fresh at Work grill for your event.