The Future of Self Check-Out Shopping Convenience

Our Fresh at Work Markets have what your workers need, 24-7 – without necessitating labor to operate a store. Imagine a convenience store in your office building, fitness center or other location that offers all of the products you want in multiple sizes, without the hassles of traditional shopping or vending.

Our automated markets are stocked daily with fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches and snacks, along with chips, candy, drinks, over-the-counter medications, beauty supplies and hundreds of other items.

Our markets never close. And our self-service kiosk systems require no attendant. Cameras monitor activities, and shopping is made easy. The markets accept cash, credit/debit cards, our mobile app, and our Fresh at Work Market Card.

There’s no cost for qualifying businesses. We work with you to design markets that match the aesthetics of your workplace. It’s completely headache-free and turnkey. Just provide the space and connections. We handle the rest and your employees enjoy the many benefits.

It’s really that simple: Shop, scan and buy.

How do they work?

Since 2005, we have been placing unmanned, 24/7 stores in offices, health clubs, schools, multi-tenant office buildings and factories across the US with resounding success. The self-check-out industry is fast becoming the standard means of making quick purchases; US Post Office, airline check-in, Kroger®, Home Depot®, etc. You’ve seen it or probably already tried it.

Our customers can choose from hundreds of selections and are able to scan a standard UPC barcode on the product at our touch screen kiosk. Multiple purchases may be made at one time. The kiosk totals the purchase and prompts the customer through the payment procedure. Customers can use a credit, debit, cash, a Fresh at Work Market Card to check-out at our kiosk.

Fresh at Work Markets are perfect for just about every businesses or organization – from hospitals and clinics to fitness and recreation to multi-tenant office complexes.

Fresh Advantages for your Team

  • Allows customers a great on-site option rather than leaving the facility for the items they need.
  • Quality, deli fresh foods that you can pick up and look at before you make your purchase.
  • Our markets offer hundreds more items in the package sizes consumers want.
  • No more empty or out of order machines.
  • No more service calls for “hung up” items.
  • Make multiple item purchases at one time with your credit/debit card, cash, our mobile app, and our Fresh at Work Market Card.
  • Makes emergency or “must have” items available just when they’re needed.

The best way to find out if a Fresh at Work Market is right for your location? Call 734-207-8363 and talk to one of our experts. We’re sure to have a solution for your business that is a perfect fit.

Fast. Simple. Flexible.